Thursday, June 28, 2012

/// 40 days.

lee and i have been married for forty days.  forty whole days.  on the whole, it's be awesome.  we've lived together for over four years so i didn't think anything was going to change, but something (small, discreet, but feelable) has changed and it's so cool.  i can't describe it.  we're more in sync and on the same page now more than ever and it gives me a great deal of confidence for the rest of our lives :).

the few weeks up to our wedding were stressful.  out of towners were coming, plans got changed, twenty four hours a day wasn't long enough, etc. but none of it mattered saturday morning.  i didn't care about anything but marrying my best friend, no matter how short we were with each other in the previous weeks. our day was full of happiness and our good friends/photographers (janie + john of imagination photography) captured it in the best way.

we got married above the goshen theater in an old ballroom.  i think i was able to convey the atmosphere in this location (and it was cheap!) but i don't know if i'd recommend this venue to others.  the people in charge were nice enough but inconsistent and not always prompt on responses.  plus, there is no elevator.  only a lot a lot of stairs... on the upside our name was on the marquee :).
lee and i saw each other before the wedding.  part of me was a little apprehensive about this because i wanted there to be the big LOOK as i walked down the aisle but this was just as awesome.  our first look happened in a record store and was perfect.  absolutely perfect.  and so US.
(this picture is one of my absolute faves! ^)
this is my bridal party: eliza (cousin), chelsea (sister), me (bride :)), bailey (best friend), josh (best friend), and whitley (best friend).

i had a ton of fun before the wedding hanging out with all our people, taking pictures in the heat.  i kissed when i was told to kiss and smile when i was told to smile all with my best friends, literally along for the ride.  i was glad we chose to see each other before five o'clock because i got to spend all of my special day with lee and really, that's what i want to do forever.

i can't wait to see when 40 days turns into 40 years.

mrs. kilgore    

ps. i got my dress at david's bridal and it just so happens to be the same one that the cutest girl ever named elycia wore in her wedding too!  obviously all the cool kids have great taste :).
bridesmaids dresses are from an etsy store called jennifer lilly designs.  they are affordable, adorable, and something all the girls will wear again.  tights are from we love colors!
the boys are wearing bow ties i made using elsie's tutorial!
all photographs were taken by imagination photography!  check them out.  they're nothing short of amazing!


  1. i love all the colors in the bridal party!

    1. thank you! i won't lie. i was definitely inspired by elsie's wedding! that girl can do no wrong.