Wednesday, December 21, 2011

sometimes life isn't fair.

one of my very best friends is having surgery tomorrow, at the young age of 22.  it's a mind boggling event that i can only imagine is one hundred times more mind boggling for him and i hate that.  doctors are attempting to remove a tumor from his spinal cord.  a tumor that is an inch and a half wide.  your spinal cord is typically the size of your index finger.  that doesn’t make sense.  i pray as hard as i can that God will take care of him and that when he wakes up from that surgery, every thing will be miraculously healed.  that he will be able to walk and talk and function better than before.  in a week’s time, we watched his movements start to falter and everything become insanely painful for him.  God, please heal my best friend.  tomorrow night, give him back to us restored and just as perfect as before.  
mr. stidham, this is for you.  i love you.

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