Sunday, July 1, 2012

becoming a kilgore, part two.

hi guys!  here are some of the second half of our wedding pictures.  (see part one here!)  like i said, we got married above the goshen theater in goshen, indiana.  it's about a half hour from where we live and i found this place on the CHEAP.  er, inexpensive.  yeah, i think that's what i am supposed to say.

i tried to keep everything about our wedding simple.  sometimes no matter how hard you try, that doesn't always work.  our tables had flowers in milk glass vases, pairs of owls, a vintage handkerchief, and a vintage table cloth.  around the ballroom i taped up pictures of me, pictures of lee, and pictures of us using washi tape.  (i found some amazing pictures from my childhood that i'll probably need to share soon.  some of the sweetest things between my siblings.  it makes my heart sing.)  i hung vintage sheets across the windows that faced the street as a backdrop for where we stood.  when this was all finished, it look to incomplete to me so at the last minute i added the paper lanterns (thank you janie for always having those on hand!).

we had a cupcake and candy buffet.  there were small owl bags that people could fill with whatever candy the wanted as their favors.  one my favorite parts of our candy bar was how jacki (lee's sister, my sister-in-law, candy buffet wizard) integrated all of my vintage pyrex!  it made my collecting worthwhile (aka i have  reason for hoarding) :).  

after we took our pictures at various destinations, we came back to the theater to take family pictures with our crews and get this wedding thing started.  
i love this picture of my dad and i.  he's carrying raina's sign (see below) and we've both got this "ready to roll" look.  let's do this.  
here comes my niece raina holding our homemade chalkboard sign (modeled after rachel's version that aren't for sale anymore).
my something blue was my pink and blue "k" necklace (for kilgore!) from the merriweather council that i put on after we were married.  i also put on a cropped pink cardigan that i bedazzled with hearts (DIY to come!).  
i love this picture!  of course bailey caught the bouquet :).
all my bests from high school :).  it was so awesome to reunited again!
i'll say it once (okay, way more than once) and i'll say it again...
i am so happy to be married!  so happy that all the stress and build up of ONE day is over & now we get to focus on a million days that are built on (mostly) happiness.  and a little ice cream. 

<3 aubrey.

ps. don't be fooled.  i BAWLED the entire way down the aisle.  my dad said the sweetest things to me and seeing everyone i love and the boy i love the most was overwhelmingly awesome.

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