Sunday, June 24, 2012

the comeback kid.

ahem.  hey guys, remember me?  i'm aubrey aaaaaaaaand i've got a new last name!  :)!  a little over a month ago the mister and i finally tied the knot.  it was stressful and there were tears, but overall it was amazing.  i know you're all dyyyyying to see wedding pictures (as you should be, because they're AMAZING), but we need to start from the beginning.  i'm making a comeback on this blog, letting you see how i ended being a nelson and started being a kilgore.  get ready.
i knew i wanted to go to chicago for my bachelorette party (it's a forty five minute drive + a two and a half hour train ride from where i live).  i didn't know much else.  everyone in my wedding party is extremely busy, but they managed to give me the most incredible bachelorette party i could've ever asked for.  EVER!  at the last minute i told lee's sister (my sister-in-law!) that i wanted to take photo booth pictures at some point in the day.  little did i know that she planned our entire evening around that - we went to five or six bars (one of which we couldn't get into because a band was recording their CD there) and spent about a bajillion dollars in photo booth strips.  i was freaking out when all this came to fruition and i realized what was going on.  she blew it out of the water!
train ride
when we got to chicago, we walked to our hotel (hotel w - city center), i got an in-room massage from a sweet Polish lady while jacki (my SIL) took a bath and the rest of the girls went shopping.  it was so good. so so good.
hotel w
welcome to hotel w
after my massage
we all convened back in the room, got ready, and went to dinner at union sushi and it was the best sushi i think i've ever had.  our waiter was the and the atmosphere was perfect.  however! i will say that a night of heavy drinking should probably not be started with a sushi platter.  as delicious as it was, i think a greasy hamburger probably would've let me hold my alcohol a little more, haha!
union sushi
paw print in my drink
after union, we started our photoshop venture.  we went from one bar to another (some were planned, some were not), we met a TON of cool people, i was told i would not be let into a bar by the doorman (NOT bouncer) because i was HUGGING too many people (where in the world is this a problem?  CHICAGO.),  and ended the night dancing with the only hillbilly in chicago.  leave it to me to find him.  and then dance with him ;).

i woke up with the worst body ache ever, walked next door and got mcdonald's for everyone, shopped a little before our train was due, RAN to the train, and proceeded to have the worst train ride home.  note to self - if you're going to be hungover, don't take a train.  that constant rocking does nothing for your nauseous body.  not a damn thing.

train ride
best friends!
my crew :)
my girls :)!
this is funny...
love this light
love this light too!
hotel w lights
union sushi
little foot, big foot.
best friends for life
thanks chicago,

train ride

AEK :).

ps. stay tuned for a wedding DIY + a whole lotta wedding pictures + honeymoon adventures!
pps. there is no way for me to fully convey the awesomeness of this night.  you'll just have to believe me that it was the best fun i've ever had.  i met/hugged/stood awkwardly close to so many people, took my picture with way more than one big (sometimes African-American) dude, and tried to convince a girl to start a blog (she looked so...bloggy (aka adorable)).  we also took a cab from a some people and realllly pissed them off, talked shit to a door man (hey, buck fifty!), and danced until i couldn't think straight.  i am reliving the awesomeness right now :).

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