Wednesday, March 7, 2012

tie-the-knot tuesday (on a wednesday) ::: engagement pictures!

guys!  i completely spaced doing a blog post yesterday.  monday night our power went out from 4pm to 10pm and after that our internet gets a little wonky and by a little wonky i mean it doesn't work - all the lights flash and say everything's good, but it won't let me get to any webpage (i know this because it's the THIRD time it's gone out in a WEEK).  ANYWAY, those are my excuses.  so today we have tie-the-knot tuesday on a wednesday.  we are so crazy.

this week i thought it would be fun to share engagement pictures that my friend carmen took of us this past fall.  she isn't taking our wedding pictures (imagination photography is!!!) but i think she did a swell job!  (ps. my hair is super cute in these pictures which will bring me to another blog post soon.  i need your opinions!)
until next time!
aubrey elaine :).


  1. ah, such sweet pictures of you guys...I can feel the LOVE!!

  2. you guys look adorable!! congrats! :D

    danielle thompson

    1. eep! thanks danielle! i am pretty pumped! :)