Sunday, March 4, 2012

meet the little brother ::: simon lawrence

today everyone gets to meet our little weeny, simon.  he was born on april 20, just like my momma.  he came into our life this past summer when i had the crazy 'we-need-a-second-pup' impulse and my mom agreed and four hours later we came home with a little tiny adorable simon.

simon loves his older brother shiner and they are pretty much inseparable now.  when one gets in trouble, the other follows.  both to the trouble and back into their houses for punishment time.  they keep each other company during the day and i'm sure have hilarious conversations lounging in their houses together.

shiner's down fall is reluctance to learn to be potty trained.  i am sure that most of this attribute falls on the mr. and i as we had a lot more time and patience with shiner, but he just. won't. get. it.  we passed the pee hump but apparently pooping outside is just too cool for this pup.

aside from the potty training annoyance, simon is one of the greatest little cuddler's known to man.  sometimes a little too much.  his favorite thing to do is to run around the living room, jumping on and off the couch, and then jumping into your face and rubbing his neck on yours.  hardcore.  like a weird eskimo kiss.  he likes it when you do it back to him too.

simon is our crazy middle child.  he's the odd duck, the funky penguin.  sometimes he can be the most annoying thing on the planet, but our lives would not be complete without him.  i know shiner's wouldn't.  so for now, and for always, we'll keep this little weeny.  little simon weeny.

xo xo xo,

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