Thursday, March 22, 2012

doctor's note.

hello my internet friends.  where have i been lately?  i really don't know!  the world just keeps spinning faster and faster and faster and everyday things come up and i go to bed without blogging.  I'M SORRY!

here's what's been happening in the life of aubrey nelson-soon-to-be-kilgore...
wedding planning.  er, kind of.  the mr. and i both looked at each other last week and said, "you know...we're pretty laxidasical about this whole thing.  is that good?"  (seriously.  at the exact same time.  to each other.  that's why we're getting married.)  but now the wedding is LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AWAY.  two months!  oh my oh my.  you can insert a minor freak out here.  most of our big details are taken care of as are a lot of our small details.  we've started marriage counseling, we're registering and sending out our invites this week, we've met with our awesome photographers and everyone is on the same page.  now it's time for little crafts - things that are going to make it OUR wedding.  eep!  i can't wait to share pictures after everything is said and done and we're back from our honeymoon laying with our babies on the couch.  i'm gonna miss our babies!
speaking of our babies... our beloved shiner had what i like to call a near death experience.  it was literally the scariest thing in my life (except for that time when i was thirteen and i'm pretty sure my dad broke his nose trying to stretch a wagon and i was pretty sure i was going to have to drive him to the ER and i couldn't drive yet.  that was pretty scare too.  no one likes to see blood gushing out of their dad's nose.)  we woke up monday morning to him being an absolute weirdo.  it had taken him two times to jump in bed that night, which i thought was odd but brushed off.  when we woke up, he would FREAK out when you touched him and around loud noises.  he wouldn't walk, he wouldn't move, and he kept sinking to the floor.  i rushed him to the vet and he peed all over my backseat.  i had to carry him everywhere and he was sweating like nobody's business.  the vet said that he had a temperature and when they drew blood, the found out he had an infection (like the doggy flu) which i think he most likely got from the groomer (that's the only place he's around dogs that aren't ours).  she gave him medicine and by the time we got home, he was moving a little more.  he was ready to get out of the car and find his little brothers.  then he/we slept about all day and the next day he was fine.  i don't know what caused all of this but i never wanna go through it again.  parenting is going to be intense.
school.  school is beginning to consume my life (or at least it should).  projects and assignments are beginning to pile up and while i've definitely enjoyed this semester, i've also definitely procrastinated.  there's about six weeks left and i've got to spend those six weeks kicking ass and taking names.  last night i told the mr., "i actually LIKE reading about how to teach kids to read...why haven't i been doing this all along?".
right now i am sitting under the hair dryer thingy at the salon getting a brazilian blowout (aka straightening my hair) to get rid of this freakin' perm that i am DONE with.  i am writing it off as wedding prep and calling it a day.  

that's what's going on in my lives, loves.
what about yours?

aubrey elaine.


  1. Maybe I'll forgive you this time.

    I became a teacher after 3 separate careers. I love it. I actually said the same thing to my husband, "why haven't I been doing this the while time??!"

    Ah, hindsight.


    1. that's awesome! what were the first three careers? hindsight is indeed 20/20, haha!