Sunday, February 26, 2012

meet the big brother ::: shiner devon

sundays around here are lazy days, catching up on the jersey shore (don't judge) and hanging out with our animal babies.  because of this, i am dedicating most sundays on the blog to our precious furry friends and all their quirks and oddities they bless (and curse) us with.

without further ado, meet SHINER!  our first born cuddly miniature schnauzer that has most definitely made our life better.  way way better.  (the mr. and shiner are hugging at this very moment.)

shiner's arrival was the result of watching the dogs 101 episode on schnauzers one too many times.  we knew we wanted a pup and after the third viewing, i knew i wanted a schnauzer.  the next morning i bought a local ad paper before i went to babysit and by ten a.m. i had told a lady we would come to her house that night to see her litter of pups.  we wanted a male pup and she had two to choose from.  something drew me to shiner and since lee left the decision up to me, we said yes.  
we had to wait two weeks before he could come to our house and we spent that time prepping for a puppy and buying him all sorts of treats and canine gadgets.  when we went to pick him up, he was so little and covered him poop.  yeah, poop.  the mr. took one look at him and said he didn't think we should pay for a dog covered in poop but i knew we needed to have him.  save him from the poop.  as soon as we were home he went in the bath, cleaned up nicely, and spent the night perusing his new home.  he had visitors and his favorite humans brought him more treats and more toys.
shiner made friends quickly but i think his absolute favorites are my grandparents that live next door.  his full name is shiner devon, named after my grandpa and i think that gives them a special bond.  they make sure that he gets treats from the table and doesn't feel left out when they drink mountain dew.  i have tried to explain that giving him people food isn't something we condone, but they're old and adorable and they're hard to say 'no' to.  what can you do?
a lot has changed since shiner's first days at home.  he lost an older brother (RIP cobra the cat) but gained two younger brothers that absolutely adore him (at least one does).  and he's only gotten more handsome by the day.

in a nutshell, that's shiner.  our first love.  he's hilarious, super soft and cuddly, and very obedient.  he'll be around the blog a whole lot more, so keep your eye out for his sweet beard!
xo, aubrey e
ps. he is named after shiner beer made in shiner, texas.  yeah, we like the beer a lot.


  1. I love Shiner beer, too! Haha! And Shiner the pup is sooo cute! I'm so glad you were able to save him from the poop!!

    One of our dogs is a trailer-park dog, where I think they were running a puppy mill or something. It was really sketchy and they had several different breeds of dogs all running around outside. It was sad, but I feel like we saved him. :)

    1. exactly! i'm glad you saved your pup too :). my life would be so less MY life without them.