Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tie-the-knot tuesday ::: wedding dresses

um, peeps... my wedding is less than 12 weeks away.  12 weeks!  this craziness.  absolute insanity.  i have got to get popping!  or cracking!  or whatever you want to say.  in honor of hitting this twelve-til mark, i'm making tuesday's on my blog all about tying the knot.  get ready, ladies (and gents).  we're gonna see some hella cute stuff!

first off...

i am digging this creamy flow.  um.  what?
i don't know if you guys can tell but... i'm a big fan of short/tea-length wedding dresses.  
like, a huge fan.  

below we have some pink vintage from etsy...
i like, DIE for pink wedding dresses (rachel zoe, anyone?)!

my dress was my first wedding purchase a while back.
my mom and i had fun picking out the perfect one.  
needless to say... it's tea-length and damn right adorable!  

my back fat is a little over the top for my likings so if it isn't gone by the wedding (fingers crossed), i will be wearing a small adorable cardi over the top.  i'm thinking sparkles, for sure.

what kind of dress do you picture yourself saying "i do" in?

xo, a.e.n. (soon to be k!)

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  1. So fun planning a wedding.
    The painted branches could be so adorable. So many different things you can do with them.