Sunday, September 25, 2011


this weekend has been compromised of nothing.  absolutely nothing.  except getting take-out and taking naps over and over and over.  i've been eating like crazy (i blame it on my menstrual cycle - sorry to those menstrual-phobics!) and i am feeling pretty disgusting.  not having showered all weekend doesn't help (yeah, i'm gross).  being unproductive drives me crazy but hasn't given way to being productive.  it's a bad cycle and i need to break it.  i need to!

starting tomorrow morning i am gettin' stuff done!  i don't work 'til 10 and that gives me plenty of time to cross things off my list and then i have about 45 minutes after work before my night class for some errand running (which really means goodwill-ing.  it's for supplies, people!  and maybe a new outfit for the weekend ;)).  tonight i'm going to keep knitting and keep cuddling with my pups and my boy because's not tomorrow yet!

xo, a <3

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