Tuesday, September 27, 2011

remember how i was feeling all blah and unproductive last weekend?  i get into this super funk-slump and feel something like this...

turns out a good way to get out of that is to take a shower, get dressed, put on a lil makeup and go to work with some of your favorite people.  also, drink an iced latte in a quart jar.  full.  to the top.
life is so much better after a shower and an iced latte.  mhm.

xo, a

ps. glasses - walmart (prescription)
shirt - thrifted 
scarf - thrifted
earrings - forever 21


  1. You are so cute! Also, you remind me so much of my bestie. Like, you two look so much alike. You should see her.... ritajophoto.blogspot.com/

  2. thanks lady! i checked her out and oh my goodness... that's crazy! :)