Thursday, August 4, 2011

i apologize...

to who?  mostly myself.

i feel like all i've been able to accomplish lately are scribbling lists.  lots and lots of lists.  and nothing gets cross off said lists.  it's just me, surrounded by bits of paper.

so, because right now this is all i can do (and a little is better than none, right self?), i leave the world with a list.

1. i am now the very, very proud owner of a macbook pro.  i tell myself that this will change my blogging habits, as i haven't had a working laptop in quite some time now.  i tell myself that it'll make me edit more pictures, commit to my flickr account, and all around, make more friends/be a better person on the internet. we'll see where that goes.

2. i am still the owner of two pups and right now, they require a lot of attention.  in the past week they have been toted here and there and everywhere for dr. visits and grooming appointments and to see people at the coffee shop.  in the past 48 hours shiner and i have been on 3 two-mile walks and he has been loving it (more on those two-mile walks in another post).  simon is getting the hang of living with us more and more each day, but he still loves to leave his mark in our hallway.  in some form.  at least every other day.

3. the coffee shop kind of consumes my life.  and when it doesn't, i seem to resting or cleaning the house or resting.  i like to rest.  now i rest with said macbook, which makes everything better.  at the end of august, school begins again and i will have no life.  (let's see how the blog looks then, shall we?  it will be alright, self, i promise!)

4. the boy and i have been going on date nights.  what?  i know.  mainly to the taco truck in a nearby town (i prefer to buy tacos only out of trucks these days.  so yum!) or to get groceries, but still.  very nice.  especially because he's been working late a lot and i miss that kid.  speaking of that kid, we have a wedding date!  it's may 19, 2012.  and i have (like, in my possession!) my dress.  yes, that's about all we know :).
(a lot of my life.  i dig it.)

i will be back soon, folks.  i am going to make sure of it.