Tuesday, June 14, 2011

as much as i love life, i've got a weird feeling in my stomach right now.  maybe it's this beer i'm drinkin', maybe not.  i feel like everything's changing all at once and as much as i like that, it's hard to wrap my head around it sometimes.  i'm going to pan this out in list form.

1. the mr. started a new job this week.  we call it his big boy job, a giant leap from the coffee shop where he was working.  right now he's working 8-5 and that means i'm in charge of dinner and taking the new pup out during the night.  weird. 

2. since the boy is no longer working at the coffee shop full time, that means i am.  tomorrow is my last day working at lotions & potions.  i've logged a lot of hours there in the last three years and it seems so weird that i won't be working with elaine anymore.  i'm officially back to being a barista (takes me back to my south bend chocolate days) and i love that.  i love that i get to work with lynn, one of my all time favorite people, and i get to work with my mr. on saturdays.  someday we might own that coffee shop, someday we might not.  the hours are longer and i do way more stuff; the time flys by.  it's great :).  also, i applied for another job (before i got the coffee shop gig) and this week i have to call (or be called) about that.  it's a billing job at the town center that would work well with school and pay better than the coffee shop, but... i really like where i'm at now.  so we'll see how that pans out.

3. two dogs is a lot of work.  right now they're wrestling hardcore on the floor but sometimes they're not always that friendly to eachother.  i know that they love eachother and i think that shiner would much rather have simon's company than not, but damn... they wear me out.  i'm tired of getting up twice a night to take simon out and having shiner tag along and completely distract simon from what we're supposed to be doing outside.  i'm tired of having to remind shiner to not be too rough and that sometimes simon just wants to sleep, not to be bothered.  i'm a worn out momma (imagine me with real human babies!).

4. i've also got a whole list of crafty plans that aren't being tended to, a craft room that is in need of some serious organization, and an etsy shop i'd love to start sometime.  goodness gracious. 

how do you folks make sure all of your items get crossed off your list and you don't go crazy?  tell me, I'D LOVE TO HEAR! 

(got to hang with this lil cutie today.  she makes me feel like a million bucks! :)!)

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