Sunday, August 14, 2011

i'm really frustrated right now.  i keep trying to burn pictures from my pc to dvd so i can transfer them to my mac and it isn't working.  and i'm really, really frustrated.  so to ease my frustration, i will think about something good.  and good always means shopping :).  right now i'm lusting after camera accessories for my canon t2i.  behold, my lusty list...

i hope to be adding all of these things to my (new, amazing, yellow) camera bag in the near future.  in the meantime, i'll slowly but surely add my pictures to my new computer.  thanks for listening :).  until next time, i love you.

1 comment:

  1. Your list is almost identical to mine! And I have the Canon t2i too! Crazy.

    I just recently got the remote and it sure is handy. My next item will either be the f/1.8 lens or a camera strap from Etsy.