Monday, May 23, 2011

sleep tight

i am TIRED.  i feel like i've been going all day, all week.  yesterday, i got the bug to redo our bedroom.  it was the least styled space in our house (yes, even below our laundry room) and i had had enough.  i want a cozy organized bedroom, darn it!  so i ran over to my mom's house (aka an awesome warehouse full of antique-y things waiting for me) to pick some items up so i could redecorate.  it just happens that she was mowing the lawn and could use my help mowing, cleaning up, planting flowers, etc. so i ended up spending the entire day with her.  it was awesome... but my bedroom was still torn apart from the frenzy before i left.

i had brought a dresser home thinking that i would replace the dresser we already have (aka take the old one to my momma's) but apparently lee wasn't listening as i explained what i wanted to do before i left, so he was in a bit of a tizzy about it (he thought i said i wanted to make curtains, which he was cool with... i never mentioned curtains...) so i decided we would have TWO dressers, a his and her's.  it works perfectly - i organized all of our things, cleaned the closets, got rid of stuff, etc. and it's awesome.  but that's the only thing i did.  i need some art and some cool lighting and yes, some curtains.  ha!

i also brought home a metal cabinet thingy that i repainted this morning (green), except i ran out of paint so that won't be finished until tomorrow or wednesday (i want to keep the knickknacks and seasonal things i change out in the house in it) and a red wooden trunk that i wanted to replace the trunk/coffee table we currently have in our living room for our blankets (give it some color) but the boy shot that down hard, so i'll figure something else out.  i also painted some metal outdoor end table-y things that my mom gave me (white) and some frames (orange).

tomorrow we're hoping to get a new-to-us sectional couch for our living room (with TWO recliners!) so that'll be cause for more rearranging and redecorating, which i love...but i'm exhausted.  it's all about redoing around here!  pictures to come!

xo, a


  1. Man, I need a dresser too! It sounds like it is all coming together!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. Don't stop!