Sunday, May 15, 2011

pocket full of gossip

the month of may is finally calming down for me.  school is over, garage sale is over, and i only work on saturdays for the next two weeks.  this means it's time for lists; serious lists.  i have so many crafts, so much redecorating, and so much school stuff to do (like the praxis, yuck) but i'm staying optimistic because... that makes more sense than not being so.  i hope to get a lot of pictures taken and a lot of blog things accomplished.  we'll see how this goes.

a not so serious list...
{x} i really want to see bridesmaids.  right now.
{x} i can't stop listening to atmosphere (the 'when life gives you lemons' album, specifically) and jenny lewis & the watson twins.  (side note: i really need to branch out because i have so much new music on my zune that i don't know but man... it's hard.  i love what i know.)
{x} lee JUST bought a playstation move and i'm STOKED to get a zumba game for it.  plus, i just beat him so hard in ping pong.  i am awesome.
{x} lee surprised me with a pina colada pedicure that i get to indulge in on tuesday and i'm so excited.  he's awesome, too.
{x} i love me some summer shandy.  thank you, leinenkugel's.

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