Friday, January 3, 2014

so long '13.

Guys, the end is here.  Again. 
It’s amazing to think that 365 days have just flown by me us in what feels like a blink of an eye.  Gosh, it’s true what those old people say, isn’t it?  Now I feel like an old person.  I am already PUMPED for 2014 (it’s destined to be my jam), I thought it’d be a great cliché idea to look back at ’13 for just a second, to say goodbye and to remember all the good times that really did happen.

We rang in the New Year with friends at our place.  My sister was still in town and when everyone gets together it’s always fun. 

I started my last semester of college (before student teaching) and observed in a 6th grade class in a very urban elementary school and holy cow, it was an eye-opening experience for this small town girl.  (Like kids getting in fights, running away, smokin’ weed, stabbing each other with pencils…uh, say what?)

I also helped my grandpa and dad deliver a calf on the family farm.  It took two days of intense cow watching, some subtle cow chasing, and a heroic father to the rescue to pull that calf out in three seconds flat.  Best story of my life.

I turned 23.  Dang, son.

We saw the Avett Brothers in Ft. Wayne on Valentine's Day! 

I had my last college spring break…in which I did nothing, just like every other college spring break I’ve ever had.

I drove this beast successfully!

Passed three parts of the Praxis (only one to go!)

I finished Block 3, passed the entire Praxis, and prepared to move on to student teaching.  I learned to love a whole lot of people and found “my crew”.

I got my tattoo finished in Chicago (at Insight Studios).  So, so painful but so, so awesome. 

We roadtripped to Detroit to Ikea, Zingerman's Deli, and to see Vampire Weekend.  

My dude and I saw the Avett Brothers in Columbus for the fifth time.  Favorite town of all time.  Favorite band of all time.  Favorite show of all time.

I celebrated one year of marriage with my dude.  In Ohio.  Because…where else?

We attended my five-year reunion.  We all got kicked out of the restaurant.  We stole some glasses as retaliation.

This...did not happen.

We all celebrated the 4th of July waiting in a hospital for the coolest kid on the planet to be born (aka lil baby E).  He’s the cutest thing ever and our (extended) family got ten times more awesome because of his arrival.

I started student teaching (in first grade) at an amazing elementary school with my BFF.  I got to realize that “Holy shit, this is the end.”

Coffee shop closed forever and ever (it was the end of an era).

My dude and I saw the Avett Brothers (time number six, yo) in Cleveland.  We ate at Melt Bar and Grilled.  And we were still lovin’ Ohio.

I got new glasses.  I get complemented on them daily.

I switched to third grade for the last half of my student teaching placement.  I didn’t think I’d love them as much as my first graders but in reality those kids had my heart from day one.

My grandma had surgery, was super out of it for a while, and fell down one morning which was one of the biggest scares of my life.  We figured out she was hopped up on pain meds and Ambien and had a bladder infection - talk about a triple threat.  (She’s better than ever now, because I know you’re on the edge of your seat.)

The little long dog Simon threw up for 10 days straight.  We thought the world was ending.  Thankfully, on the day that surgery was going to be necessary, he straightened that shiz out.  Thank tha LAWD!

Student teaching came to an end.  Talk about a whirlwind of emotions.  And a lot of autographs – I’m like a celebrity!

I got a job for a medical leave at an elementary school nearby.

I celebrated eight years of making out with my dude.

My college career officially ended with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a concentration in English (which will do nothing for me in life, I’m sure.  Thanks REPA).  Boom city!

We rang in the new year with awesome people and this total cutie!

Minor details...
+ Started Project Life.
+ Had Photoshop revelations.
+ Got new furniture and renovated my craft room.
+ Enjoyed the little moments in life with my dude and fur babes. 

So long 2013, you definitely weren’t the worst year but you sure weren’t the best.  2014, I welcome you.  I’m ready to have my socks rocked off. 

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