Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year, new opportunities.  i’m going to embrace 2012 with every thing i’ve got, especially if this is going to be the last year we’re given.  gotta make it good, right?  this year, i’m getting married to my best friend, going on a honey moon we haven’t planned, and completing my fourth and almost last year of college.  i feel so good about all of those things.  
my goals for this new year are as follows: health, happiness, and the pursuit of the blog.
this year everyone gets to watch me get my health and weight under control (it WILL happen).  i am making myself blog about the process to help keep me accountable and also help me realize the results and the payoffs.  you all are along for the ride, no matter how hard and ugly it might be (which it will be both, i am sure).  
this year i am also going to truly make time for the things i love.  2011 proved that it is an absolute must for me to improve on my time management skills and utilize my time wisely (and welcome organization!).  i need find a balance between work, school, and everything else.
2012 is the year of the blog.  i have a tendency to be lax about this thing and push it to the back burner, which i hate.  i want to find my voice, my passions, and my talents and share it with all of you.  be prepared, this year will be big.  it will be awesome.  i am excited.  
so happy new year, every one.  i don’t feel any different yet, but i am sure i will in 365 days.  

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