Thursday, June 9, 2011

thrifting: what i love.

today, a random thursday, i went thrifting with my best friend.  i love thrifting.  seriously.  hardcore.  something about finding something adorable that you don't really need but is too cute to pass up is exhilarating.  my normal stops in the south bend area include goodwill, salvation army, and st. vincent de paul; since they're so close to my school i get a college student discount... SCORE!  here's the loot from today:

two giant vintage sheets;
vintage pillow case; 
accordian file to put pictures in;
plastic letter holder that i'm going to spray paint;
two mugs; 
three chipboard placemats;
green shoes from aerosoles;
wide leg trousers;
wide leg capris;
and my first piece of enamel ware!

and here's a little garage sale love from my mom's neighbors sale.  her mother had died and i scooped up a lot of her stuff because...well...i'm an old lady at heart :):

two vintage crocheted lap blankets;
green sweater;
lots of patterned tops that are too small but too awesome to pass up (not pictured);
two small chalkboards;
lots and lots of vintage hankies to use in our wedding;
record player (not pictured) for $2.50!

have you had any thrifting luck lately?
i'd love to hear!!!

xo, aubrey e


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