Monday, April 25, 2011

home is where i'm in love with you

i've got the end of school, start of summer jitters.  i only have one more day of classes and one day of finals and my month of may is looking pretty nice :).  i work a little bit, i am having a garage sale (MAKE SURE YOU HEAD ON OVER TO SHIPSHEWANA MAY 13 & 14 FOR THE ANNUAL TOWN GARAGE SALES!), and i have a lot of time to work on My High Noon - products and the blog and the whole she-bang.  it makes me so happy to have the time and the energy to get things DONE!  and what a great feeling that is.

so be sure to keep checkin' back here at My High Noon for what tricks and goodies i may have up my sleeve :).  AND if you haven't yet, please check out the song 'home' by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros, because it's mighty nice.

have a great monday!


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