Saturday, April 9, 2011

the first barefoot day of 2011.

let me start off by saying: i'm so happy right now.  yesterday and today have been two of the best "i'm so happy to be alive" days (and not because i've had any near death experiences, except yesterday i went to a random in-house sale which always makes me a little nervous and today i had to get my bitchpants on with a lady at work - both unsettling things).  yesterday was awesome because i got up early to get my hair cut (if you want an awesome hair cut and are in the goshen area, check out Tori Miller at US Male - she's amazing & also my BFF), then i went to the said in-house sale and purchased $65 pristine pieces of Pyrex (each piece was five dollars or under), then i went grocery shopping and stopped at Goodwill and a local thrift store and got some belts and a LOT of vintage crafty stuff.  today was awesome because i got to work with my great friend Elaine and then i came home and got the house cleaned up, Lee (my fiance) grilled, and Kyle's hanging out.  all good things.  plus i'm starting to live more and more in my craft room, which is a transition i definitely needed.  plus my grandpa (aka my neighbor) brought home a mule named Molly today, so that's always exciting :).

now let me say that i feel a real change coming in my life.  the school year is almost over, i'm finally not taking summer classes, and i'm excited to devote myself to all sorts of work, both for money, outside, and in my crafty abode.  and with that, i want to become an actual blogger, not just a window-shopper.  to delve in is what i want (as it is what i do with everything).  if i give it all i've got, perhaps it will become something.  perhaps.  if you have any advice, send it my way :).

as a person with a tendency to forget all the good that's ever happened in my life and focus on the bad, it's important that i document these things so that i can look back and say, " is awesome."  so today i say, "LIFE IS AWESOME." and i really, really mean it.

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