Wednesday, January 19, 2011

oh, wednesday...

i'm still working on trying to change my blogging habits from non-existent to somewhat-existent to full on blogger (i feel like i can't make the leap all at once; that's too much to ask, ha).

so many things have been happening.  the spring semester has started and i have forced myself into a routine of going to south bend mondays, tuesdays, and thursdays.  this semester i am taking geology, an english class about heroes and myths, and linguistics.  i took a lighter load to give myself a bit of a break and i'm really enjoying the schedule.  

also, our little shiner bot schnauzer friend has turned one!  his birthday was on the fifteenth and he spent the day throwing up :(.  i don't know what his deal was... maybe the new treats?  anyway, it wasn't fun to clean up, that's for sure.  

also also, i got my entire craft room clean and organized and have been having giant urges to scrapbook.  so i think i just might.  

also also also, i've joined a bible study (we're studying the book of ruth) and it has been amazing, to say the least.  i LOVE these ladies.  they all mean so much to me and i can feel their support and prayer all through the week, when we aren't together.  to that i say, THANK YOU JESUS!

also also also, lee and i have set a year!  (i can't say date yet.)  we've been engaged since february of 2010 and, being the inconsistent and indecisive people we are, never really set a date or started to plan or anything.  this was something future lee and aubrey to deal with.  well, that time is here, folks.  let the wedding planning begin.  we will be getting married sometime between the months of may and october of 2010 and yes, that's as far as we've got.  but we're on the same page, so that's always good :).  if any one has any wedding input, let me know.  i am, without a doubt, CLUELESS about everything wedding related.  thank you very much.  

so far, this has been an awesome week.  i am praying it keeps on keeping on.  i will be back later to catch you up on my 365 project and other random pictures from the week.  


  1. Thanks so much for adding my button!
    Enjoy your linguistics class, that was one of my favorites in college!

  2. Ugh, that was totally under my husbands name, I suck.