Tuesday, November 2, 2010

t u e s d a y

1; my throat is scratchy and i keep coughing when i talk.
2; tomorrow is the first day i can register for classes for next semester, but i haven't paid my tuition for this semester yet (and i don't really know when i will be).  i have to wait until that is done to register, so i hope the classes i need to take aren't full.
3; my spinning wheel came yesterday!  i need to practice, practice, practice.
4; i really need to make an idea board so they don't keep escaping.


  1. Thanks so much for you comment on my blog!
    I love the Devil in the White City and keep meaning to get it from my parents house to have my husband read it!
    It's cool that you know Janie too, do you live in Goshen?

  2. i live in shipshe and i've known janie for years. way before she was a famous photographer :). if you're going to be at her 80's big hair party, i will be seeing you there :).