Sunday, February 12, 2012

happy birthday!

i turned 22 on february 9th, aka last thursday.  i woke up early, cleaned the garage, scrubbed my car, and called insurance companies in anticipation of getting a new car.  we went to look at one in mishawaka in evening but didn't buy it.  after a long debate, we needed to wait.  it was a weird day and consisted of learning a valuable lesson on patience and trust, both of which i lack.  it was small and low-key and i am beginning to be quite alright with that.  here is a small wish list of things i would have loved opening up (along with the gifts i received, of course ;)!).  they're all from etsy because handmade and heartfelt is best :).

and last but not least...
honda fit...

xo, aubrey e!
(another year older!)


  1. Awww! Thanks for posting my pouch!

    A new car huh? That sounds exciting. And Happy Birthday!! :D

  2. HAPPY Birthday!!!!

    We are in the middle of that same battle of buying a new car...ugh!

    Love the cute!

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  4. jenny - you're welcome pretty lady! yes. a new car. it's causing me an ulcer even though it shouldn't. it will all happen in Good Time, i just need to remember that.

    melissa - thank you! and thank you for checking out my blog!!! <3 what kind of car are you looking at? my heart is set on the Honda Fit but that could always change.