Friday, June 10, 2011

simon lawrence.

one week ago yesterday we added the latest (but not always greatest- i forgot what work puppies were!) addition to our household: a miniature dachshund named simon.  preceding him is his older brother, a miniature schnauzer named shiner.  when we got shiner it was a whole ordeal: we jumped into the decision, picked the pup out, then had to wait three weeks for him to be "ready" to come home (at 8 weeks).  with simon, i mentioned the idea to lee, mentioned the idea to my mom, and three hours later, we had a puppy on our hands.  a very long puppy.

i was worried what shiner would think about this new lil dude.  i figured he'd be cool with him until he realized he wasn't leaving and then fighting for attention would be his biggest priority.  BUT I WAS WRONG!  these two LOVE each other, at least for right now.  i find them sleeping in shiner's house together and any move simon makes during the night, shiner is right there to see.  

all is well in this house, except it kind of sucks getting up three times a night to take the pups out, but i'm used to it.  everyday he gets a little faster, a little more independent, and a little more used to our routine.  he is freaking adorable and it's safe to say... we all love him!  (ps. everyone asks if he's really purebred because of his markings.  he is.  it's called dapple and it's not too uncommon.)


  1. Cute pup! I just found your blog....and thought you might like this