Saturday, May 7, 2011

list - things i'd like to introduce.

[x] shiner sunday's - because everyone needs to know about the shenanigan-pulling schnauzer we love.  and so i can remember why i love him :).
[x] wedding talk.  i've got to realize that i'm getting married and need to get things done sooner rather than later.  blog about the journey?  i think so.
[x] craftitis... well, because i like to read about other people's makings so maybe i'd like to talk about my own.  maybe.

p.s. i'm much more excited about getting married than what i make it sound like.  the amount of things that need to get done/having not ever done it before is just overwhelming.  elycia and elsie's upcoming weddings are definitely inspiration, though, and that's what i need :).

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