Thursday, October 28, 2010

little tidbits.

i was supposed to be hanging out with my 2 1/2 year old niece Raina today, but her poppa didn't have to work today so i got a "day off" (even though i was really looking forward to ripping up magazines and sorting yarn with her!).  now i am patiently (although after four days, it's wearin' thinner and thinner) waiting for this little baby...

my very own Ashford Kiwi :).
i'm like a little kid on christmas, except i don't know exactly when christmas is going to show up.  (you see, the woolery from which i purchased said spinning wheel doesn't send out tracking numbers, ups does but they haven't sent me one yet (woolery says they might not... ?) so i'm just trusting everything gets here in a timely manner (i ordered it on sunday, it is now thursday) before i go callin' people, demanding to know where my awesome chirstmas present is (it really is my christmas present.  and also my birthday present.  thank you momma :)!)).  ugh.  so we shall see how this all unfolds... I'M SO EXCITED!

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