Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the first of many.

i'm not really sure how to go about this whole blogging business, so i'm just going to dive right in.  that's the first step, right?

first off, so everyone is aware this blog is somewhat of a personal blog (day to day ramblings that i'm sure will creep in), a crafting blog (sort of to keep track where i am at and where i am going) which will (hopefully) turn into somewhat of a business blog, if that ever gets off the ground.
i'm in a very wishywashy state of my life (at the ripe age of twenty); a "where in the hell is my life going?" sort of phase that some days has me very stressed out and some days has me very relieved.  i come from a family of dreamers but live with my very grounded someday-husband and that sometimes is hard to handle (for both of us - we battle about keeping heads in the clouds and feet on the ground).

as of right now, this is my life...
monday - college, tuesday - odds and ends (which consists of homework, cleaning, errands, etc.), wednesday - college, thursday - babysit raina (as i'm sure through the blogs i will reiterate that she is the best. niece. ever!), friday - odds and ends, saturday - normally work, although it is getting more and more sparse as the winter months approach, and sunday - back to odds and ends (which most definitely means homework because most likely i have put everything off until 7pm where it seems to much to do so once again, i don't do it).
anyway, the point of this is... i need to re-prioritize and work on my time management so my free time goes to crafting and creating and working on that side of my life that fulfills me (school does not).  this leads me to think about what i could do with a semester off and how much i could accomplish and all the wonderful dreams i have but... i have to listen to my daddio - if i don't make time for what i love doing now, what says i will if i don't go to school.  my step-momma is an amazing, AMAZING quilter and has built up her repertoire for over twenty five years, doing this while raising a hellion of a son (but one hell of a dad) and working full time.  and to this day, she still loves what she does (to the point that she wakes up at four in the morning to get some work time in before she goes to work at a factory).  if i don't have that kind of dedication now, what says i ever will?  and then... what will be the point of taking a semester off if i don't make the best of it, craft-wise?  after thinking about this, i just tell myself to keep plugging away at school as annoying as it may seem (don't get me wrong, i enjoy my classes for the most part - i'm even beginning to wish i took more science classes in high school ((wtf!)) but i just hate being there when i could be so many other places, learning so many other things...) and get my elementary education degree and figure life out from there.

but, but, but. . . i don't wanna do that!  i wanna be awesome and crafty NOW!  damnit.

okay, enough rambling.  but now you see where i am coming from and a little bit of how i perceive the world.

and in spite of all of this, i really do love life.  like, a lot.

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